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February 20, 2008


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Timothy Sykes

LOL somehow missed this one, let me just correct you on a few falsities:

1. i get more offers to manage $ than i ever did when i managed the #1 ranked short bias fund 2003-2006, it's sad, but thats why SEC rules are total shit.

2. its absolutely pathetic that i am #1, by far on this list of rankingS:


so i guess my strategy isnt such bullshit now that u can actually see what the fuck i'm doing to make $, right?

3. yes, this industyr is poorly understood, 90% of traders lose $, all i gotta do is reduce that figure a bit and i'm rich bitch

Jeff Bowyer

Timothy Sykes is a hypocrite.

After I discovered severe corruption at Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, I wrote a fully documented message detailing the allegations, which I posted on Timothy Syke’s website.

In a very short time, my message was deleted. When I contacted Sykes, his excuses ran the gamut from “the file size was too large” to “the message doesn’t fit the theme of our website” to “you don’t write good enough”.

Timothy Sykes is not a prophet who exposes “manipulative forces at work in companies, the media, ANALysts, etc.” as he proclaims. Timothy Sykes is a liar who probably works *for* the manipulative forces as a facade of opposition.

If you would like to receive a copy of my message about corruption at Eurostat that includes graphics, please contact me.

Jeffrey W. Bowyer

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