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March 26, 2008


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Stupid Equity Guy

put me down for 69.69% before Analyst gets it...

~Stupid Equity Guy


Drats! Foiled again!

I'm gonna be "that" guy, and go with 69.7% though, Bob


Crap, meant 69.6% 69.6%!!!!!

Stupid Equity Guy

~69.7% is all your's Broski...

You called it... have at it... and your first call is always your last call in real life... lots of trades I wish I could have pulled a mulligan on...

~Stupid but Laughing Equity Guy

Stupid Equity Guy

on a personal note... wish me luck... my 5 year old wants me to go play the Wii against her, which means its time for me to go get my ass kicked... while my 3 year old wishes me luck. No Joke.

(I stay home on Thursday's and play Trader Dad, gives the office a day to exist with out my personality, lets me spend some time watching the kids grow up, and the Trophy Wife does her civic duty's, leaving me home alone...)

Lesson to the young gentlemen out there.... when you get old, and you purchase the new trophy wife... a few years later... you have things called trophy kids... even when your first batch is in collage and your more worried about becoming a grampa to soon...

You find yourself having 3 and 5 year olds "school" ya ...

Best to the boys,

~about to be taught a lesson SEG...



Yes, my typo was a bit of an 'oops', but really I could have simply gone to the admin panel and erased its existence.

However, we here at 1-2 Knockout believe in transparency, accountability, and self-deprecation (most importantly), thus, it remains, if for no other reason than to remind us all, that if nothing else, I'm saving my mulligans for the 1st tee time of the season Saturday morning. FOREEEE!!!!!!!!!

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