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March 24, 2008


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Stupid Equity Guy


I laughed when I read this... your comments on the DOW... my TA team was babbling about something or the other index the other week... when I decided to intentionally annoy them by asking what the DOW did...

They got puffy and said Blah Blah Blah about real indexes... I then lean forward and commented that well...

It's only a question from the Fucking Portfolio Manager and WHAT THE FUCK WAS THEIR ANSWER again?...

then all kinds of babbling erupted again...

What's it like in your shop?

~Cranky Old Stupid Equity Guy

(when I am bored and want to watch my analyst jump...)

Stupid Equity Guy

oh and great break down on the retail side of things... this market has not started to hit main street yet... I had my family over for Easter, and pinged all of my nephews about what its like in the real world.

The pain is only felt on WS so far... They knew we were freaking out but outside of typical winter slow downs, nothing surprising. In fact, the most surprising thing was how many of them I had to suggest to not buy property right now. Whole damned family thought it was time to rush into the market and take down spare homes...

Makes me almost wonder if its Just US...

~Stupid Equity Guy

great piece... please keep sharing your thoughts...


That is excellent EquityGuy.

No one knows here what the dow was at for the year. Most people guessed more than 10% down. They were all wrong of course.

Sounds like you're not the only one with family convinced that this is the perfect time to buy real estate as well...

Stupid Equity Guy


You will like this... I have started to only make comment's about the market in Dow points to annoy the guy's... Their PM is on a Dow only diet for market movement comments... lets see how long they can take it... ;-)

So what kind of ammo do you shoot into the market? Equity? Bonds? Exotic's? liquid leverage?

~Stupid Equity Guy


Well, since the rebalance it should be renamed the Dow Jones Banking Average--but that's just me.

Amazingly they picked the right banks to add to the index!

Keep up the comments SEG.



I'd be a fool to acknowledge who I exactly deal with.... and easily exposed. But 1-2 can verify that the conversations you have with your juniors are about the same that goes on with my desk. For that matter so can 3-4 other regulars here.

Stupid Equity Guy


Not trying to get you to unmask... Please keep the lone ranger shades on... Was just wondering about the type of ammo you have an endless supply of...

anyone notice that the size of the Lehman put action today? any chance we can start a thread about the Big Sisters and which one gets taken out behind the wood shed next?

~Stupid Equity Guy

Stupid Equity Guy


I love Berry's chart...

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