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March 31, 2008


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Stupid Equity Guy


If I get your summation wrong please let me know...

Long European Exotic's

Flat Japanise Exotic's

Short American Crap

Is that about it? Or would you open a starter position in Japanise exotics but just not a full position yet?

On a semi serious real issue...

Mrs Stupid is ready to replace the current baby hauler. She has a M class 5 series that is chipped and hauls asses, (I call it the Bitch Mobile)... She said if I was allowed to buy the Little Red Rocket, she was getting something that could keep up... At speeds over 120 mph, it feels a lot safer to drive the the Rocket which is basically a strap on car...

She currently wants an Armored Personal Carrier... Queens Edition Range Rover, if I am feeling sparky... I am going to have to figure out the risk reward to feeling sparky...

~Stupid Equity Guy

Who needs to be writing his letter to the investors to explain how "We" managed to end up with more funds then we started with last January 1st. Has it only been 90 days or so since then? The 1st Q of 08 had enough volatility to last me a year.



That is about the gist of my trade, so-to-speak, however I'd probably have a vol straddle on the Japanese and a long-dated collar on American (short bias), just in case.

In terms of the Mrs. Stupid mobile, for safety, you can't beat the MRAP ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRAP_(armored_vehicle) ), but with fuel economy as a real concern, a Range Sport HSE or Porsche Cayenne GTS sound like what the Mrs. is asking for (read: demanding).

Godspeed sir.

Stupid Equity Guy

Sir Anal,


Wow... in the little Red Rocket, I am doing about 7,400 rpm @ 72-75 mph in 2nd, when the triptronic's force a sport shift to 3rd... That lambo was doing 142 kph in 2 gear @ 7,700 rpms... ie if you rounded up, its doing 90ish mph in 2nd gear. Wooof...

Calgary Schmooze

They don't tell you that in order to properly drive the car full-out, you must be dressed like a character from the movie Tron.


My question is why they took a Ford gt-90 concept from the 90's, painted it F-119a black, and slapped a Lambo badge on it, hmmm?

Stupid Equity Guy

I thought it was ugly... Call me a value investor, but I would take three of the base car's over that flat black ugly sucker... but I respect speed... and it appears to have that in spades...


Calgary Schmooze

There are a bunch of tards here that drive around in Lambo and Prancy Horse type cars. Guys like Brian Hunter and such. Yes, the car is nice and impressive, but wholly impractical when you have to deal with the ridiculous state of our roads here (frost heaving, potholes, etc), even at the best of times in the summer. It's like the Ikea Furniture Torture Tests they show in the stores, except with pea gravel and sand thrown in.

Call ME a value investor, but a BMW 325 on crappy infrastructure might be actually more exciting to drive at highway speeds than the Reventon! It's also fun to watch the various M and AMG models struggle with the first snowfall or a layer of ice. Strangely, there are comparatively few Audi S class rides out here.


I see alot of that out here as well Schmooze. Years ago the family collevtively made the switch to quattro Audi's (a6, s4, s5 currently), and its always fun to watch all of the 2wd Porsche and other rwd rides slide around come November/December. I imagine it must be an order of magnitude more exciting up in Calgary!

Stupid Equity Guy

Sir Anal...

I love the Snarky... and yes I am the 2wd... going sideways due to an issue of to much HP in one direction and not enough brains working to direct that force in another...

Honest statement... I was getting on the local interstate the first day of the fall rains in 2006. I rocked the throttle and the ass end of the car went sideways as I hit the freeway... I went sideways... and was looking at traffic coming at me at 60 mph in their lanes as I skid sideways into the freeway and have a view I never ever want to see again...

I attempted to toss the car 90 degree's and get up to speed so I didnt get hit by the traffic coming up on me. Honest, real, Oh SHIT...

I drove 72 mph to the next exit and went to the office and sat down happy to have survived. I know how quick a decision can go mortally wrong. I respect Mr Murphy.

I whoops that one at a grand scale and walked way by the grace of someone else... Not my self. I am the Idiot you mock above... and rightfully so.

Best to you,


Stupid Equity Guy

oh and in case its not clear... no one... wrecked... all cars... stayed in their respective lanes... outside of my own ballet of lane dancing*...


*No high performance cars' were hurt during the above events.

Calgary Schmooze

Yes, winter driving can be a white-knuckle experience... especially heading into the mountains. I have never had a problem with my RWD autobahn car when using a good set of winter tires, although modulating the clutch in snow on a fully-manual M can be a bit of a biatch at time!

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