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May 13, 2008


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Calgary Schmooze

Dana Telsey better watch out! Her territory is being anal-ized.

If you think your retail sucks ass, fly up here and give it a rip. Nordstrom and NM are practically paradise by comparison.

Bulging Bracket

No one remotely intelligent gets hired into retail. Walmart is about it, and even then it's limited. Department stores, especially high end ones, pull out of the shallow end of the IQ pool.

High-end retailers can get good creative types, but really aren't going to appeal to useful people in other roles, since they don't reward them or provide a good career path. Fighting the internal political battles necessary to screw over the creatives is going to waste your brand - see Gap's improvement in systems but still utter futility at style.


@ Schmooze
Anal-izing Dana Telsey is definitely something I'd be interested in, er, I mean...

Reality seems to support your point. Apparently retail "analysts" also pull from the same pool, hence the complete and utter idiotic obsession with same-store sales.

Calgary Schmooze

Now how did I know that you'd say that?

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