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May 06, 2008


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what a waste of my time


Just play it safe and buy jailbait calls expiring on their 18th birthday. I'm sure some of the parents hurt by subprime will be willing to make a market (hey, better to theoretically pimp out your kids than move from a house you can't afford to an apartment and give up your Bimmer, right?)

Calgary Schmooze

Hollister... haha... exactly my sentiments when I was at the Galleria in Houston 2 weeks ago.


Stores for teens blast obnoxiously loud bad music because it is extraordinarily annoying to the older generation, while their target audience finds it hip. Thus, parents would rather simply give the credit card to Junior to do her own shopping, who inevitably spends more than she would have if mom was there.


chance? ha-they put cinnabon where they calculate you need a breather


Thank you publius - its so simple, yet so genius!

Bugs Meany

Word. The jailbait in malls is out of control. At 27 I can hardly take it, so are today's 15 year old guys just abusing the hell out of themselves at every opportunity?

The Natick Mall (a.k.a "Collection") in Natick, Mass., is AMAZING from both a research and jailbait POV.

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