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May 12, 2008


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haha I totally agree- it's amazing!

ps I saw it like twice last night and I'm pretty sure i was watching gossip girl and the hills so maybe it has seeped into more conventional slots


Ok, yes, I saw it on G2 also...damnit girl, you've found me out!

Calgary Schmooze

It's worse when it occurs in Canada. In the winter. At -40.


@ Schmooze

That'd make for a great parody, do it up!

Bulging Bracket

CS - it's only a problem if you were too enamored/hammered to remember your overcoat. Otherwise you're just like everyone else wearing the same black wool coat for 6 months in a row!

Running around in just a suit in February is of course a wildly obvious hint that you are on a walk of shame! Or, in Calgary, in a June cold snap!


ha can't get anything past me 1-2! busted.

Calgary Schmooze


Same black wool overcoat? More like everyone dressed in their Columbia "technical outerwear". People wearing a proper cashmere overcoat will certainly get more attention, if only because the lack of oil, welding or flooring installation company logo over the breast and the absence of an embroidered name on the upper sleeve makes a person "more interesting". [The "branded" items of clothing are so prevalent that they are tagged the "Fort McMurray Tuxedo".]

If anything kills the mood, it's the amount of time required to remove the 7 layers. The pile of clothes at the end of the bed make it look like you missed laundry day for a few weeks...

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