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June 17, 2008


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Eerie resemblance to the cantor fitzgerald WTC jumpers... or am I missing something?


Jakson, I think you took that a little bit further than we intended. We're not that sick.

Anyways, Cantor Fitz wasn't even an ibk.


Nice one. Can you up the rez to 1680x1050? I'd rock that as one of my wallpapers just to remind myself that even on down days at least I'm not banking.


Sorry, 1-2, didn't mean to come off as rude or sick. Just the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture... I was hoping my first impressions was mistaken.


P jakson

The difference between being in good or poor taste is more a gray area, rather than a distinct line, an area in which your comment is squarely somewhere in the middle, depending who you ask.


Yeah, can we get this in 1280 x 1024 and 1280 x 768?


I'll see what I can do gents, no promises since our graphics guy, uh, doesn't exist



i lost my husband on 9/11 ... he worked for cantor fitzgerald ... i hope you don't suffer that kind of loss only to be desecrated by people like you.



We're very sorry for you loss, and appologize for the lack of sensativity of those who don't understand. Please email me if you'd like to speak further,Id be glad to hear your thoughts if you want to share.

Cameron Newland

Come on guys, it's not like Anal_yst is bin Laden here...this has everything to do with financial crisis and nothing to do with 9/11.


@ Cameron -

THANKS! THIS WAS NEVER MEANT TO REFERENCE 9-11! The building doesn't look like the WTC (notice the jutting walls); the guy is non-descript; etc.

Please don't anyone think for a second that we are cold, caluclating jerks. We'll surely rip on anyone who deserves it but the fine people who worked in the WTC would NEVER be the butt of a joke. EVER.


@Cameron - the comment was not addressed to Anal_yst but to Jakson, who immediately referenced the WTC and 'people jumping'. I laughed so hard when I saw the 'ad' myself, but of course was very bothered by Jakson's comment.

I guess what saddens me is the immediate association to the WTC when yes, the ad was meant to make fun of i-banks!


Sorry, but the 'ad' is clearly reminiscent of Sept 11, even if it's NOT meant to be.

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.


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