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July 29, 2008


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So were they selling themselves subprime loans...


Calgary Schmooze

Maybe a box "Describe any gang-related or Bic-pen-ink tattoos on your body" on the application form would have allowed them to pick up on the pattern a bit sooner?


Now just imagine who is selling you those burgers at McDonald's - and what they could potentially be doing to them

Ass_Managing Director

"Richard Crowder of Miami Beach, one of 23 convicted burglars who successfully transitioned into the mortgage field. Eventually Crowder masterminded one of the state's worst frauds, setting up $37 million in bad loans by falsifying documents, lying on applications and staging phony property appraisals"

Yawn, the summer analysts on the structured products desk move more worthless loans than that in an afternoon.


@ Ass_Managing Director

Its good to know that even in these trying times that leaders such as yourself have emerged to pull us through. We applaud your efforts, and suggest you may want to accelerate the Summers' program, because taking an entire afternoon to pump out $37m of shoddy loans is just plain ol' lazy.


I am changing my name to butt_chairmanoftheboard if we are going to keep this up

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