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August 14, 2008


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Get off your lazy ass and post something damn it


listen, Ass_ociate, unless you wanna start sending us stuff, we'll post whenever we damn well please/get a chance to/get around to/whatever.

That is all.

Nominate me


In today's market, you have to be careful. However, I do feel that you guys are pretty safe, as the content of your site seems remarkably tame as compared to takeAreport.

Nominate me

By the way, that wasn't a knock and I can understand your caution. I just think you are in a different ballpark.


@ Nominate me

Appreciate the comments! We try to be (relatively) careful to keep it (relatively) tame, but until we know how vigilant HR is going to be about stuff like this, we've got to (try to) err on the side of caution, and as you can see, its seriously cramping our style, *shakes fist*!!!!

reverse cell phone lookup

Not to mention (and someone correct me if I'm wrong),

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