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August 05, 2008


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susan allport

Thought you might be interested in this short omega-3 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIgNpsbvcVM

Calgary Schmooze

Too long. Didn't read. Went out and got a Slurpee instead.


Schmooze, you fatass. Of course, you're in Canada, so none of this really applies to you, although, if it does, please enlighten us all and report from north of the boder.

Calgary Schmooze

Border? Run to the border? Mmmmm... Taco Bell. Fries Supreme.

None of this applies to me, but there is a growing (pardon the pun) issue with childhood obesity up here too. Lots of kids sportin' muffin tops at the least or some tonnage at the other end of the spectrum.

Of course, your post is still too long. Didn't read. Went and got some cookies instead.

Calgary Schmooze

I just sampled some Doritos Collisions. Hot Wings and Blue Cheese in the same bag. Not recommended. Thankfully, I have a large Coke Slurpee to wash it down.


"If McDonalds (not to harp too much on one place) is forced to put calorie counts on their menu boards - as they are required to do in New York - that isn't going to stop me from getting a bacon double cheeseburger if I'm jonesing for one."

I disagree here. Not that I consume fast food frequently but the calorie counts freak me out.

Seriously, why take responsibility for your actions when you can just shift the blame? When you have kids, you should be able to blame at least 86 people/politicians/teachers/restaurants/toy makers/magazines/television shows/websites/books for screwing up your children!


Real fat people eat Fuddruckers! Bow to the pump cheese king. Besides, who ever said there was anything wrong with being fat? Just because they can't jump high or run fast doesn't mean anything, I bet they can sit longer and stiller than Michael Phelps. You skinnies better stop talking sh't

The Particle

If people want to be fat and dont give a hoot about the calories, its their choice. IF McD cuts fat in their menu, the people will find fatty food elsewere.

However, what I have found is that most fat people are depressed and that causes them to eat more fatty/sugary foods. Its a vicious cycle. Another observation is that poor people eat unhealthy food - since unhealthy food is cheap.


@ Particle

Astute observations, agreed. What this, and other studies/legislation/etc accomplish, however, falls significantly short of acknowledging the underlying causes of obesity. As other commentors have pointed out, its blame everyone/everything else but those people and things which are actually deserving of blame.

To your last point, healthy food isn't necessarily expensive; you can most definitely make a healthy dinner for a family of 4 with $25 spent @ the supermarket, but when the alternative is to put forth zero effort and go eat delicious (albeit not very healthy) Double Whopper value meal instead, well, you know how that usually works out...

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Not to mention (and someone correct me if I'm wrong),

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