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August 20, 2008


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Calgary Schmooze

You might need more red-hot data for analysis to come to full conclusion... where are the smoking polls asking smoking pols about smoking poles?

All puns and double entendres intended.


Well, stupid of the maryland legislature to assume their revenue would double.

But the good news is this, at least their revenue is up.

If sales were x with $1 in taxes, and .75x with $2 in taxes, 2 * .75 = 1.5x, a 50% increase, and thats not a bad thing, especially if it long run lowers health care costs.

Like everyone else on 1-2, I don't care for taxes. But if we have to have them to pay for our military, our schools, policing etc etc, I would much rather tax cigarettes than alot of things, though I still really think we need to have the fatty food tax.

The positive externalities are priceless.


@ gunner

That may be true ceteris paribus, but when they budgeted for a 100% increase, they've still got a nice shortfall on their hands.

They've also made it illegal to have more than 2 packs bought out of state on you, so at least they've figured out a way to make up for the lost revenue...

@ Schmooze
I've been thinking that needs more primary research, I've gotta bachelor party down in South Florida in Oct, I'm sure I'll have an update after that.


You might want to replace 'politicians' with 'socialist/progressive/fairness-loving/big government politicians' or maybe just 'model day liberal politicians.'


'per say?' Snort. Love the link though.


@ miami

Whoops! Thats why writing with a massive headache (the cause of which I'll leave you to ponder) isn't a good idea

reverse cell phone lookup

Not to mention (and someone correct me if I'm wrong),

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