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August 20, 2008


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Debt is a Trap

I'm going to see it. Bought my ticket last night online. Curious to see if it is a fluff piece, a continuation of the David Walker (former Comptroller) tour, or something even more serious. $13.50... I've spent more, and received less, even if it is a fluff piece.

The USA has a debt problem. Will this media piece reach out to J6P to get his/her spending under control? That remains to be determined.


Ha love the J6P apprev. The problem is that it isn't just J6P, but everyone from NY to LA, in virtually every socio-economic group. The past half-century has seen the emergence and complete prevalence of an entitlement mentality in this country, and until that mentality is corrected, we're just spinning our wheels.

Debt is a Trap

Yes, I agree entirely, it is not just J6P. It is CONgress supporting the debt doesn't matter mentality, the entitlement mentality, etc., in addition to the spend and borrow your way to a better lifestyle Madison Ave and the Banksters have pushed onto the unwitting masses to keep up with the J6P's down the block.

I nonetheless hope the film becomes a wake up call. There is very little hope for leadership from Washington, the District of Corruption, as politicians pander to the free lunch for the masses while taking the same from the K Street slime. At least until after this election cycle, and even then, I firmly believe the attitudinal shift must come from the grass roots.

So how would you suggest gaining some traction on the wheels of live within your means and revitalizing the nostalgic, yet essential practice of thrift, and not spend thrift... ?


@ debt

In response to your last question, the only way that I can see for a fundamental paradigm shift away from the entitlement zero-responsibility mentality is for shit to hit the fan. I mean $6+ gas - and not just for a month or two, I mean for years, if not for good (whether this is accomplished based of market prices or with the addition of a heavy government tax on gas is a discussion for another time). I'm talking about seeing defaults on consumer debt seeing a subprime-like catastrophic collapse.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, but when history is unnecessarily kind, as it has been, no one learns jack.

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