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September 21, 2008


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Calgary Schmooze

WITF are you guys doing down there?!?


WE are wondering the same thing! We have no idea wtf is going on either! Hell, 'The Hank' (Paulson) seems to be the only one who does these days, even Bernanke has taken a liking to the mid-morning cocktail of late (or so I'm told).

I'm going Long LoSC's End of The World puts, its the only security I've found that seems to be 100% positively correlated with "WTF", which itself is the only thing that I'm 100% certain of these days.


I am booking the next flight to Alaska for my family... I think a winter in cold temps and warm fires and the random moose is safer then staying down here and finding out that up is down now... by law... of the Sec of the T...

Its like a power grab... were the hell is Darth Vader or the shrub?


Lee D

My solace lately is to remind myself that life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.

I'm still waiting for Paulson or whoever to declare that “we had to destroy Wall Street in order to save it.”

You guys have been ON FIRE lately. Keep up the great work.

Air Max 2010

I am glad it was appropriately punished. I don't work in a big agency, i am an independent, so I don't have any insight into how agencies bill, but I know how I do it, and there is no padding there, so for others to muddy that up is pretty irritating indee

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