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September 25, 2008


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The posts analysis is correct, and not correct. It is correct in the intent of the bailout, but not correct in predicting the behavior of the market.

We in a bottom area now. I will move up to allow wall-street to distribute stock.

Mark up phase is about to begin. And Cramer is a bagholder. Most/All his prediction recently have been wrong.

Check belwo the successful experiment of naling tops and bottoms for more information.



And yet people still don't get this message. I almost want the bailout not to pass, so every blue-collar, "Main Street" idiot who pinned the blame for this solely on Wall Street -- and subsequently insulated themselves against anyone who would dare warn them about how intertwined the credit markets are with their daily lives -- can learn the hard way.


@ LJ

I feel your pain brosky, keyword being "almost" though. Just wait until somewhere likely around q2-3 2009 when consumer ABS starts goin to hell, only a matter of time on that front...

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