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September 18, 2008


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The Particle

Rightly said. Have you thought about the piranha's ending up devouring each other.


@ particle

Its crossed my mind. Now that we're at least one step closer to a Pakistani capital market (i.e. no downticks) though, we'll see what happens.

So much for my last post about avoiding rampant scapegoating, sigh...

Lee D

Just as appalling as all this tomfoolery is the number of people I've encountered who genuinely believe that the government means well, knows what they're doing, and will save us all. There's just no talking to some people.


@ Lee

Those must be the same people who get their "expert knowledge" from Fox News and CNN. Wish my previous post on responsible journalism actually resonated with anyone who mattered, sigh...

Lee D

Add CNBC and the Globe and Mail in there, and yeah, that's about right, Anal_yst.

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