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October 15, 2008


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Lee D

Well put, Mr Anal. However, being indignant at the NYT for being wrong is like being indignant at the Sun for rising every morning: Eventually, you just come to expect it.


@ Lee D

I try, I really do, to give them the benefit of the doubt, only to regret it each and every time, sigh...

In fairness, there few MSM outlets or individual journalists are much, if any better, so its not like the NYT is the sole object of my disapointment. Maybe, if I'm feeling ambitious, it'd be interesting to start ranking the various publications and individual journalists (buy/sell/hold/etc?)...

Lee D

You're speaking figuratively when you say buy/hold, right? Like Lindsay used to do long/short on WallStrip. Who in their right mind would go long on a newspaper today?


@ Lee

Purely figuratively. While I enjoy picking up a hard copy of the WSJ or FT every now and then, I most certainly wouldn't be picking up stock in any print media outlet...although Playboy is so freaking cheap if I were of a more monied background I'd buy it out for fun. $60m market cap? That's like a rounding error for some guys, and honestly is it possible to get more bang for your buck (terrible pun very much intended)?


Really? Chartered v. Certified? Really? THAT got you fired up? Maybe your friends won't tell you, but that's really kind of douche-baggy.


@ Thomas

Glad you read the rest of the article, son. Perhaps if you had, you'd realize it wasn't just a failure to both cite and use a proper noun (CFA), but a complete misappropriation of statistics, among other near-tragedies.

Please, my posts are chock-full of various spelling/grammar/usage errors no doubt, and unlike some dealbreaker commenters, I understand that this isn't the NYT...oh wait, Norris writes for the NYT, whoops?

Are you suggesting that professional journalists, especially ones with such a lofty title as "Chief Finance/Economics reporter" should be held to the same standard as a blogger (or vice-versa)?

I'm not sure whether I should be blushing or insulted.

Maybe YOUR friends won't tell you, but jumping to (blatently incorrect) conclusions is pretty douche-baggy, to use your language.

Jon Jacobs

"Thomas" probably was putting you on, Anal_yst.

I bet he read the Onion article whose headline went something like, "Idiot Prepares to Post Stupid Comment on Internet." The guy in that story made sure each intentionally idiotic comment he posted contained the word "douchebag" or "douche" as a noun. (The second-most frequent word in his posts was either "homo" or "fag," I forget which.)


@ Jon

I hope it wasn't a serious comment. I like to think (perhaps delusionally so) that our readers are a little sharper than average, sigh...

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