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October 01, 2008


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Francine McKenna

You're a funny guy. And probably pretty smart, too. Can't wait to see the novel-length version. Or maybe the off-broadway musical, "Unfair Value Proposition Me."


@ Francine

Was wondering how long it'd take you to find this ha! I like the idea for a musical, I'm thinkin Sarah Brightman as the leading lady (whoever that is?), directed/produced by anyone except the Darth Vader-esque Andrew Lloyd Webber. Hugh Jackman definitely gets to play the role of Chris Cox, for obvious reasons.

Francine McKenna

I found you quick. I see as soon as someone visits my site from somewhere else. www.statcounter.com

Hugh Jackman - Chris Cox? Explain why that works.


@ Francine

1. statcounter, big fan (loads better on bb than google analytics)

2. think like a 12 year old, or a woman who thinks Hugh is really hot (talented, whatever)

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