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February 04, 2009


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too o'rielly, didn't limbaugh


couldn't agree more. an explanation of the beneficial ownership? these guys wouldn't be able to read the org chart, let alone understand how it really worked....


you guys aren't worth the money, and you aren't that smart.

hate to break it to you.

you will get it regulated like all the other sheep. if you were doing something that significant and complex no one would know about it anyways.

so enjoy the albatross.


@ Thoth

I wish all of our readers understood that simple reality, although very clearly @masterbesser @338am seems to be missing the point.

I will, however, forgive such transgressions given the late night/early morning timestamp, it was a rough night in Maryland.


MasterBesser - it's instructive how you lump people together, assuming that because I said the org chart would be too difficult for a congressman to understand, I was a hedgie.

As a matter of fact, I am not, nor will my industry become any more regulated, and I am definitely worth more than I get paid right now. But I do get to work on some cool projects in a highly educational time period, so I don't bitch about what other do or don't make.



Dude anal_yst you're on 30 rock


@ Ass_oat_tee_ette



bankers working as GE interns drinking tracy jordan under the table. pretty funny.


Good deconstruction of this perennial political favourite - same bull coming out of the EU. It's just a power grab to me, those pols can't stand the fact that anything remains outside their (useless) purview.
Drives me fucking nuts that they can't get their shit together long enough to put a coherent plan to get the economy out of this mess. Solutions first, regs later.

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