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May 01, 2009


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Well Said Sir, Well Said.


Kid Dynamite

duuuuuuude.. Big O has your back. relax, smoke a green shoot, and go spend some money. everything is fine - because they SAID so! hey - that's like Stone Cold Steve Austin: "'cause STONE...COLD...SAID SO!"

Big O says things are getting better, so they ARE. do not ask questions or you will be erased.



"Green Shoot" might by my least favorite term of the past month or so. Its annoying (over)usage by/in MSM is eclipsed only - and ever so slightly - by Twitter.


is "green shoot" better or worse than "surgical bankruptcy" vis a vis Chrysler...

60 days my foot



green shoot is perhaps the most moronic term ever.

green shoots coming out of plant that is still falling from the 80th floor

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i like this part of the blog:"As far as I can tell, the Administration's economic triage thus-far has been, and continues to be predicated upon widening of the "Hope & Change Spread," coupled a wholesale failure to identify, address, and ameliorate the underlying causes of our socio-politico-economic malaise. Populist pandering and vague promises rooted in fantasy only serve to delay the inevitable. I won't presume for an instant to have all or even some of the answers, but it seems painfully obvious that until we're ready to address reality, any interim gains or impression thereof won't mean squat over any meaningful period of time" is very good

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nice post! don't be scared just like John Lennon said. i love your post! thanks

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Looking at the image on Kotaku, the main problem with Sunny is that she's too realistic looking. Only weak otaku fall for that!!

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Wow, Matt....it's almost as bad as when you knocked over the "boutique vinyl" hornet nest...;)

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H, as sick as it sounds I completely agree. It is about time an american car company gets their "box." The styling of this is no worse than any others, and in some cases it appears better.

I hope designers kept what I feel to be one of the best features of these type of vehicles (Xb, Fit, Cube), that being the entrance height of the vehicle. I think that is one of the biggest reasons older folks like them, they don't sit low and the seating position is upright.

What worries me about this vehicle is that under the GMC label, it is likely to be priced higher than others. But hopefully there would be a little badge engineering, with some style modifications...

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Hey you have a winner here like a chicken dinner with fried chicken mashed potatoes sweet corn and some water melon. Makin the druel almost flow over my giant monkey lips.


I like chickenz :)

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Me too :)


I think you r a chicken

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